Shangri-La Festival 2016: September 8-11.


buy generic Pregabalin What: Shangri-La Festival

Negombo When: September 8-11,2016

Where: Harmony Park Music Garden, Clarks Grove MN

Shangri-La Festival Event Page



Friday Shangri-La IKS Workshop Schedule

The Pheonix is Fluid, Create Awareness by Listening

         9:00-10:00am, By: Naomi Hennes


Psychological Dimensions of Human Experience using Tarot

         10:00-11:00am, By: Kiara


Conspirators versus Revolutionaries: Developing a Sustainable Community

         11:00am-Noon, By: Angelo


Creating Glad-Mayhem: The Clown as a Joyful Disruptor of Ordinary Reality

         11:30a,-1:00pm, By: Red Nose revolution and the clowns of the Gesundite Institute


Organic Eating and Healing Food Allergies

         1:00-2:00pm, By: Brea


Beginner’s Rope Dart Flowshop


         1:00-2:00pm, By: Alina Orbidan


Communication for the Betterment of the Community Group-Talk

         2:00-3:00pm, By: Lemmons


Kratom Education Presentation

         3:00-3:30pm, By: Kerry Paul


The Gathering: A Communal Expression Session

–LOCATED Outside IKS Dome

         3:00-4:00pm, By: Adam Elfers from The Gathering


Incorporating Crystals In Your Life

         3:30-4:00pm, By: Rebecca Pogue


Cannabis on the Reservation

         4:20-5:00pm, By: Microphone Man


Secret Keys to Kahuna Shamanism

         5:00-6:00pm, By: Tico


Exploring Body Memory

         6:007:00pm, By: Cassandra Galbier


(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)

Saturday Shangri-La IKS Workshop Schedule


Earth Eye Sky Guided Meditation

         9:00-9:30am, By: Professor ChrisP


Balancing Your Own Chakra Energy

         9:30-10:00am, By: Rebecca Pogue


Working with Moon Energies: Creating Sacred Space

         10:00-11:00am, By: Kiara


Earth Yoga Flow


         10:30-11:30am, By: Cassandra Galbier


Tips to Traveling on a Budget

         11:00am-11:30pm, By: Alina Orbidan


Fear Pattern Deprograming with Guided Meditation and Energy Healing

         11:30am-1:00pm, By: Brea


Spring Forest Qigong


         1pm-2:30pm, By: Joe Welch of Sping Forest Qigong


MAPS Psychedelic Medical Research

         1:00-2:00pm, By: Ryan Marken


Soul Connection: Communicate with your Heart

         2:00-3:00pm, By: Cassandra Galbier and Leo Castrenec


Biological Kundalini

         3:00-4:00pm, By: Naomi Hennes


The World of Poi


         4:00-5:00pm, By: Lewis Kelly


Toltec Sorcery

         4:00-5:00pm, By: Tico


How to Massage your Friends, Family & Partners Better

         5:00-6:30pm, By: Lemmons


(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)


Applications ARE OPEN for Shangri-La Festival.

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