Tiffin Music & Arts Festival 2015

Saint-Étienne Tiffin Music and Arts Festival 2015 Workshop Schedule with IKS

http://theglutengal.com/family-reunion/ This is our first year attending Tiffin Music and Art Festival in Tiffin OH! We are excited to join our first benefit festival! This non-camping event is free to the public, with donations supporting arts scholarships for local students! Come activate and help the next generation of artists! Music on 5 stages!


Raja Yoga Meditation
4-5:30 pm By: Kevin Guinn of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Alternate History: History of Protest in America
5:30-6 pm By: Professor ChrisP

Canning at Home: Learn the Basics
6-7 pm By: Loraine DeLuca

The Long and Short of It: Juggling Sticks Demonstration
6-6:45 pm By: Pyrolectric

Music Theory and Guitar Application
7-7:45 pm By: Matt Reino

How to Make a Monster
8-9 pm By: David Northlap

Feather camp 101: The Art of Carving Bone.
9-10 pm By: Manafest Design


Demystifying Body Image and Eating Disorders in America
Noon-1 pm By: Adina Segal of Gentle Blossom Arts

The Recycled Art Workshop
1-2 pm By: Matt the Katt Artworks

Partner Yoga
2-3:30 pm By: Gem Yoga and Life Enrichment

Childbirth Art Therapy

Intro to Guitar
3:15-4:00 By: Brandy Painter

Stop, Listen, and Play: Drum Workshop
4:15-5:15 By: Creation Station

Music Business and Licensing 101
5:15-6:00 By: Martin Koop

How to Draw Comic Book Faces
6-6:45 By: Greg Abrams with Tiffin Art in Action

Mantra Meditation
6:45-7:30 By: Gem Yoga and Life Enrichment

Fun with Ukulele and Mandolin: Truly Alternative Instruments (In Canopy tent)
7:00-8:00 By: Dave Mitten

Poetry Recitation with Aran Reinhart
7:30-8:00 By: Aran Reinhart

Music Theory and Guitar Application
8-8:45 By: Matt Reino

Impromptu Cartooning 101
8-9:00 By: Dan Chudzinski

The Long and Short of It: Poi Demonstration
9-10 By: Pyrolectric