We are the IllumiKnation Station, a workshop group that travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, entertainment, community, and making a difference in the world. We are a 100% grassroots volunteer driven participatory educational non-profit.

Our unique blend of Grassroots Presenters includes folks like YOU; people who volunteer to share with their extended family. Our workshop topics are as varied as your interests, and we are dedicated to community participation and individual inclusion. Help us bring the fun back to education!

In 2016 we facilitated community education at 17 festivals from Nebraska to North Carolina, Minnesota to West Virginia, with multiple grassroots management teams!  In 2017 we continued to serve the same areas at 14 festivals.  In 2018 we hope to expand the number of people we can offer grassroots education too, bringing some newly trained managers online.

Please join us at a festival or event near you by attending one of our presentations, volunteering to present, or donating to help support our cause!

2018 schedule below! Please check IKSdome.com regularly for updates!

IKS 2018 Summer/Fall Workshop Tour (More To Be Announced)

  • • –Some Kind of Jam 13: April 26-29 @ Schuylkill Haven near Reading PA,
  • • –Pyro De Mayo Fest: May 4-7 @ Nelson Ledge’s in Garrettville OH,

  • • -Earth Rhythms: June 8-10 @ Pure Bliss Ranch in Waubun MN,
  • • -Divine Spirit’s Wonderland: August 23-26 @ Pure Bliss Ranch in Waubun MN,
  • • -Meeting of the Minds IX: 9, Sept 27- Oct 20 @ Schuylkill Haven near Philadelphia PA,

  • • -More TBA near you!

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