Contracted Presenter (Contracted for Teaching)

Contracted Presenter (Contracted for Teaching)

Contracted presenters are professionals or qualified semi-professionals who are being reimbursed for their teaching.  ‘ticketed presenter’ slots are NOT AVAILABLE at every event.  Reimbursement can vary: commonly we offer a GA ticket for 2-3 workshops.  Contracts may be negotiated either with IKS or with the festival promoter.  If you ALREADY have a contract that includes teaching/presenting/speaking, please STILL fill out this application.

[[[Not all events accept applications for ‘contracted presenters’.  If you want to apply to an event, please fill out an application and we will get back to you; or contact us at to ask if we are booking ticketed presenters for the event in question.]]]

Events Currently Accepting Applications for ‘Ticketed Presenters’:

  • Ewing Pyro De Mayo Fest: June 2-4 in Garrettville OH,

(Some events may accept applications without being on this list, it never hurts to apply!) IKS 2023 Summer/Fall Workshop Tour 

  • Spring Phoenix Rising Fest April 20-23 in Garrettsville OH,
  • Some Kind of Jam April 28 – April 30 in Kempton PA.
  • Pyro De Mayo Fest: June 2-4 in Garrettsville OH,
  • More Events TBA, let us know what event you want to see IKS at in 2023!

IKS Contracted Presenter Application:

Please check back regularly for updates!

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