Ticketed Presenter (Contracted for Teaching)

Ticketed Presenter (Contracted for Teaching)

Ticketed presenters are professionals or qualified semi-professionals who are being reimbursed for their teaching.  ‘ticketed presenter’ slots are NOT AVAILABLE at every event.  Reimbursement can vary: commonly we offer a GA ticket for 2-3 workshops.  Contracts may be negotiated either with IKS or with the festival promoter.  If you ALREADY have a contract that includes teaching/presenting/speaking, please STILL fill out this application.

[[[Not all event’s are accepting applications for ‘ticketed presenters’.  If you want to apply to an event, please fill out an application and we will get back to you; or contact us at www.iksdome.com to ask if we are booking ticketed presenters for the event in question.]]]

Events Currently Accepting Applications for ‘Ticketed Presenters’
(Some events may accept applications without being on this list, it never hurts to apply!)
• -Earth Rhythms: June 8-10 @ Pure Bliss Ranch in Waubun MN,
–(Homesteading, Farming, Gardening, Environmental Science)–

• –Werk Out Music and Arts Festival: August 3-6 @ Legend Valley, Thornville OH,
–(Acro Yoga, Many Other Topics)–

• -Divine Spirit’s Wonderland: August 23-26 @ Pure Bliss Ranch in Waubun MN,
–(Yoga, Homesteading, Self-Help/Self-Empowerment, Real-world skills, Survival/Wilderness skills, Functional Crafting skills, Farming/Gardening, Environmental Science, Traditional Ritual/Ceremony, Many Other Topics)–

• -Meeting of the Minds IX: 9, Sept 27- Oct 20 @ Schuylkill Haven near Philadelphia PA,