Family Roots Festival 2015

IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education welcomes each of you to join your brothers and sisters in learning about subjects that you care about! We are very excited to provide return to Family Roots Music and Arts Festival for the 3rd year to host educational workshops, and now KIDS activities too!

Workshops will be located at the IllumIKnation Station workshop dome. Look for our large geodesic dome to left as you approach the stages.

We are a grassroots group that travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, community, and making a difference in the world. Our presenters are volunteers like YOU who want to share their knowledge, and our topics are as varied as your interests! Come join in learning and sharing with your festi-family by visiting online at , on Facebook, or by email at [email protected],

Come get your learning on!


where to buy Lurasidone Alternate History: Freak and Head Counterculture Philosophy of the 60s-70s
9:30-10:30am, By: Professor ChrisP Wire Wrapping Tutorial: Beginner to Intermediate
10:30-11:30am, By: Karma Sutra Wire-Wraps

DidgeMed: a Didgeridoo Meditation (Didge players welcome)
11:00-Noon, By: Benjamin Halper

Collaborative Art-Making with Our Collective Consciousness
11:30-1pm, By: Caitlyn Rack

Yin Yoga with Reiki (All Skill Levels)
12:30-1:30pm, By: Joshua Morrow

Cold Forging: Hammer and Anvil
1:00-2pm, By: The Human Co-op

Henna History and Hands-On Playshop
2:00-3pm, By: Adina Segal of Gentle Blossom Arts

Chakra and Acupuncture Meridian Healing with Wands
3:00-4 pm, By: Kim Savanna Rainforest

Meet the Rainbow Family: Who and What are They
4:00-5pm, By: Travis Greenman

Gardening For Your Health Group-talk
5:00-6pm, By: Adina Segal of Gentle Blossom Arts

(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)


Visualization Meditation: Aligning your Chakras
9:15-10am, By: Marah Halper

Learn Ashiatsu Massage: with Hands on Healing
10-11am, By: Kim Savanna Rainforest

Channeling Poetry (Participate or just Listen)
11am-Noon, By: Benjamin Halper

Vin to Yin Yoga: Build the Heat, Cool it Down
Noon-1pm By: Joshua Morrow

The Professor’s Bubble Therapy
12:15-1:15pm By: Professor Bubblemaker

Carving Feathers from Bone 101: with Manafest Design.
1-2pm, By: Manafest Design

Orbitals with Green: Intermediate Poi
1:30-2:30pm, By: Brandon Green of Anadono

Water Painting (Ebru style)
2-3pm, By: Energy Frequency Vibration and Rachel Shultz

Free Flowing Yoga
3-4pm, By: Marah Halper

K Bear’s Shiny Rocks: Introduction to Lapidary
3-4pm, By: Kelli McAllister

Drum Repair, Tuning, & Care
4-5pm, By: Sarah Mitchell with Nomadic Winds

Off-Grid Communities and Gatherings Grouptalk
5-6, By: Travis Greenman

(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)