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Hello Friends,

IllumiKnation Station is a workshop group that travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, community, and making a difference in the world.  We are a 100% grassroots volunteer driven participatory educational non-profit. Our unique blend of presenters includes folks like YOU who volunteer to share with their extended family.

As a grassroots non-profit, we are entirely run by volunteers, and each person is invited to help revive community education and kindle a childlike joy for learning.

People can volunteer to help IllumiKnation Station Grassroots Education in a number of ways. We have three types of IKS volunteers: Grassroots Presenters, IKS Staff, Off-Stage Volunteers, AND Ticketed Presenters.

  • Grassroots Presenters are already attending an event as patrons, staff, volunteers, and etcetera. These folks volunteer a little of their time to share their skills, knowledge, or experience with the community.
    ~~Be a Grassroots Presenter (Link for Volunteers)~~
  • We also have IKS Staff, who get tickets and more in exchange for working shifts facilitating education. The hours are long but the work is fun, staff is only for those dedicated to education.
    ~~Staff with IKS (Link to Work an Event)~~
  • Off-Stage Volunteers provide critical services that allow IKS to provide education for so many people. These tasks include things like administration, creating art, clerical work, document editing, advertisement, graphic design, and etcetera. Please email our volunteer coordinator at for more info!
    ~~Support IKS Off-Stage (Link to Work from Home)~~
  • Ticketed Presenters are contacted to teach at the event, receiving entrance or other reimbursement for teaching/speaking/presenting.  Note: Not all events offer opportunities for ‘Ticketed Presenters’.
    ~~Apply as a Ticketed Presenter (Link for Contracted Presenter)~~

IKS 2018 Summer/Fall Workshop Tour 

Please check regularly for updates!