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Grassroots Presenter Application 

Returning Grassroots Presenter Application 

IllumiKnation Station is a workshop group that travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, community, and making a difference in the world.  We are a 100% grassroots volunteer driven participatory educational non-profit. Our unique blend of presenters includes folks like YOU who volunteer to share with their extended family.  Workshop topics are as varied as your interest, and we are dedicated to community participation and individual inclusion.

Grassroots presenters are one way that IllumiKnation Station engages the local community. These individuals are folks already attending a gathering as patrons, vendors, staff, or etcetera; who volunteer an hour of their time to share a workshop on their skills, knowledge, or experience. Workshop examples include anything from speeches to crafts, from demonstrations to skill-shares.

We are looking for Grassroots Presenters at all IKS events, we are dedicated to helping communities teach themselves. Our schedule for 2018 below! Please get involved, because without you grassroots education would not happen.

Please fill out the presenter application as soon as you can, we’ll choose presenters and finalize schedules at least 2-4 weeks before each event.

IKS 2018 Summer/Fall Workshop Tour 

Please check regularly for updates