Revival Festival 2016: May 27-29

IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education welcomes each of you to join your brothers and sisters in learning about subjects that you care about! We are very excited to provide return to Revival Festival at Harmony Park Music Garden to host educational workshops. This is our 5th season back at home, where the IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education was born.

Workshops will be located at the IllumIKnation Station workshop dome. Look for our large geodesic dome along the lake-side road.

We are a grassroots group that travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, community, and making a difference in the world. Our presenters are volunteers like YOU who want to share their knowledge, and our topics are as varied as your interests!

ANNOUNCING the Revival Festival 2016 Workshops, presented by IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education


Saturday Revival IKS Workshop Schedule

Earth, Eye, Sky Guided Meditation
9:30-10:00am, By: Professor Chrispy

Alternate History: History of Protest in the U.S.
10:00-11:00am, By: Professor Chrispy

Yoga for Every Body (Outside)
10:30pm-11:30pm, By: Mercy Meyers via your Body and Mind

The Ascension Process: Anchoring in to the 5th Dimension
11:00am-12:30pm, By: Katie Misik MA, and Vladamir Turek

Lemmons’ New ‘Lemon Peddle’ Flow Toy Introduction (Outside)
Noon-12:30pm, By: Lemmons

Understanding the Rave Act: A Ban on Drug Safety
12:30pm-1:00pm, By: Eli Woods

Red Nose Revolution: Humanitarian Clowning History and Basics
1:00-2:00pm, By: Red Nose Revolution

Creative Hoop Dance Workshop (Outside)
1:30-2:30pm, By: Lemmons

Psychedelic Philosophy 101
2:00-3:00pm, By: Angelo, Experienced psychonaught

The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan (Outside)
2:30-3:30pm, By: The Institute of Taoist Arts

Crisis Trip First Response and Intervention
3:00-4:00pm, By: Aaron ‘Oh, Be’ Olson

Yin Meditation
3:30-4:00pm, By: The Institute of Taoist Arts

The Basics of Moving Metal: Cold Forging 101
4:00-5:00pm, By: Adina Segal of Gentle Blossom Arts

Intro to Oils and Tinctures for Healing
5:00-6:00pm, By: Andrew Struss


Sunday Revival IKS Workshop Schedule

Civil Liberty and Personal Freedom: Exercising your Sovereign Natural and Human Rights
9:00-10:00am, By: Andrew Struss

Native style flute playing: 101
10:00-11:00am, By: Silentwolf Flutes

Vinyasa Yoga – A Collective Journey Toward Elevated Consciousness (Outside)
10:30am-11:30am, By: Kelsey Fishman, RYT 200 Certified

Creating a 501(c)3 non-profit: The Massive Amounts of Good Story
11:00am-Noon, By: Dr. Turner Berg and ‘Massive Amounts of Good’

Hooping Skill-Share (Outside)
11:30am-12:30pm, By: Professor Chrispy

Fear Pattern Deprograming with Guided Meditation and Energy Healing With Brea
Noon-1:30pm, By: Brea

The World of Poi (Outside)
1:00-2:00pm, By: Lewis Kelly

The Sustainability Revolution: Understanding the Permanence Project
1:30-2:30pm, By: Angelo speaking for Terry Kok, founder

Spring Forest Qigong (Outside)
2:00-3:30pm, By: Joe Welch (certified Master Healer and teacher with Spring Forest Qigong)

Color Theory and Practices (Don’t Trust the Color Wheel)
2:30-3:00pm, By: Adina Segal of Gentle Blossom Arts

Kratom: What is it and How Can it Help Me
3:00-4:00pm, By: Eli Woods

Blueprint for A Better World & True Self-Actualization 101
4:00-5:00pm, By: Ayla, BA Psychology

Yoga for Every Body (Outside)
4:00-5:00pm, By: Mercy Meyers via your Body and Mind

How to Massage your Partner/Friends/Family better
5:00-6:00pm, By: Lemmons

(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)


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São Pedro da Aldeia What: Revival Festival

Vargem Grande do Sul When: May 27-29,2016

Where: Harmony Park Music Garden, Clarks Grove MN

Revival Festival Website

Revival Festival: May 27-29 @ Harmony Park Music Garden in Geneva MN

Revival Festival: May 27-29 @ Harmony Park Music Garden in Geneva MN