•• -Divine Spirit’s Wonderland 2018 – August 23-26 Pure Bliss Ranch Waubun, MN

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-AUGUST 23RD-26TH 2018 Pure Bliss ranch 2072 310th St. Waubun, MN 56589



-Family Focused! MEALS INCLUDED in ticket, OR CHEAPER OPTIONS WITH NO MEALS!!! 30+Ceremonies! 50+Workshops! Sweat Lodges! Cultural Dancers and Performers! Activities for Adults and Kid! Healing Services! Swimming and Tubing! Proceeds Benefit Pipeline Protests!

-The food for the soul is knowledge, community, growth. Knowledge is the single best food for all going through a spiritual journey. Fill your spirit and mind with the nutrients it needs to grow and prosper. Find them at Divine Spirits Wonderland growing, teaching, and holding space for enlightenment.


Divine Spirits Wonderland Workshops

(Many more to be announced soon.  Yoga and Meditation on Separate Schedule.)

Alamo Urantra: The bible of the Extraterrestrial written by the galactic counsel 

CAT Paranormal Investigators of Minnesota: Ghost, spirits, energy and things that go bump in the night

UBUNTU: The global act of living of teaching sastainablitly


Cannabis RezSolution: The benefits of cannabis farms

MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota: MN 350 will be speaking on the climate in Minnesota and the effects the oil, gas, pollution, sound and lights have on the climate


Solar Power: How you can use them in your everyday life

Divine Connections: Connections with self and others

 NeoEden: Living in the middle of the city is hard when you want to live a self-sustaining life. Find out how NeoEden is a house in the middle of downtown Minneapolis making this happen. 

 Astrology: The true Lunar calendar

 TRANScend 101

Quantum Physics/ Quantum Science: How energy works

Space Weather

Dreamcatchers: How to make them and how they relate it to the native Indian traditional child care practices relating to the cradleboard.

 Native Indian birch bark earrings, porcupine quill work on birch bark with beading

Native Indian beading

The Power of Crystals

Understanding the Body’s Energy

Healing Through Touch: Learn to Massage


The Power of Plants

Self-Massage: What, how, why, and when.

 Introduction to crystal work

 Spring Forest Qi Gong

Introduction to Reiki, all ages! Kids Welcome!

 Group Tarot Workshop

 Freedom of Expression, Dance and Song

 Discussion on setting ceremony space, followed by mapacho ceremony

 Symbiotic Tarot

Red Tent Women’s Circle


Guided Reiki