Hart and Soul Gathering 2015

Skelmersdale IKS Workshop Schedule for Hart and Soul Festival 2015

Mbabane Friday Workshop Schedule

Open Jam Session

4:00-5pm, By: Sierra Erickson (Sese)

Balance: learn what you need to be free of anxiety and depression.

5:00-6pm, By: Samantha Legato

Quantum-Energy and Healing

6:00-7pm, By: Tico

Hair beading and feathers

7:00-8pm, By: Feather Head

(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)



Saturday Workshop Schedule

Group Healing Meditation

9-10am, By: Ryan Popehn

Introduction to The New System: Unifying the World

10-11am, By: Dorothy Thompson

Yoga for Every Body (Outside)

11am-Noon, By: Your body, mind, & will power!

Psychic Protection

11am-Noon, By: Ryan Popehn

Introduction to Shamanism

Noon-1:30pm, By: Tico

Psychological Dimensions of our Human existence.

1:30-3:00pm, By: Samantha Legato

Sacred and Natural Geometry

3-4pm, By: Darwin’s Theory

Have you seen your higher self? Harnessing Creativity.

4-5pm, By: IllumIKnation Station supporter Iashia Bolton

Be the CoLoR, Be the CaNvAs

6-7, By: Sierra Erickson (Sese)

(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)



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