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Facilitating education with IKS can be hard work, but is rewarding and fun.

Muramatsu Here is some more information about staffing duties (Details Vary Depending on the Event):

  1. You can arrive the evening before the pre-party or on the day of the pre-party (If there is a pre-party)
  2. On the day of the pre-party, we do a setup shift (If we provide a dome, 4+ hours; otherwise 1 hour)
  3. Friday and Saturday you work shifts from approximately morning to evening (varies by event). During these shifts you mostly just watch our area, talk to passersby, update chalkboard schedules, and walk around with chalkboard signs advertising upcoming workshops. These shifts are usually free-form with people helping out throughout the day and coordinating time off as we go, you should have plenty of breaks, you can have them when you want generally. The hours can be long, but is very rewarding and we are a fun group.
  4. Sunday morning tear down shift (2+ hours, if we have the dome). We take down the dome, collect the IKS signs, and pack.
  5. You are required to be able to provide at least 2 workshops on any topic, any format, and skill level. Preferably not the same workshop, though in some cases that is acceptable. We cannot guarantee both workshops with make the schedule. We can help you develop topics or content if requested. This is part of your shifts.
  6. We require you to camp with the other IKS staff near the workshop space. This makes breaks easier and helps us develop community!

In exchange for helping the community educate each other, you get a ticket to the event, off by 6-7pm to enjoy music, the ability to tailor your schedule to your needs, and other perks that very by event. (Extras may include: meals, showers, limited vending rights, etcetera. Email for more information, or you will be updated when we respond to your application) IKS 2023 Summer/Fall Workshop Tour 

  • Spring Phoenix Rising Fest April 20-23 in Garrettsville OH,
  • Some Kind of Jam April 28 – April 30 in Kempton PA.
  • Pyro De Mayo Fest: June 2-4 in Garrettsville OH,
  • More Events TBA, let us know what event you want to see IKS at in 2023!

Please check back regularly for updates!

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Please fill it out the IKS Staff Application as soon as you can, we will start choosing staff at least 2-4 weeks before each event.  However, it is never to late to sign up, and we strive to include as many people as possible.