3DL: Three Days of Light Gathering 2017: OCTOBER 13-15 LOCATION TBA

prednisone 20 mg purchase Hello Tribe, it’s learning time!

Legionowo IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education is excited to bring education to the 3DL Gathering for its’ final year!!!

Come join in learning and sharing with your festi-family; with grassroots workshops all weekend!

IKS is a 100% volunteer driven non-profit, dedicated to promoting hands-on education and reimagining education. We look forward to helping the amazing community at this event teach each other!
YOU can share with your community as a Grassroots Presenter, just read below!

IKS travels around to music festivals and other events promoting education, exploration, community, and making a difference in the world. We are stoked to have this opportunity for yet another year!

Our presenters are volunteers like YOU who want to share their knowledge with the community. Workshop topics are as varied as your interests! You can share on any topic, in any format, and at any skill level.

Do you want to make a difference? Are you knowledgeable on a topic or a skill? Or do you just want to share your enthusiasm and experiences with your extended family? You can volunteer to be a Grassroots Presenter or Staff Member!

Grassroots Presenter:

Staff Member:

For returning presenters:
check us out online at www.IKSdome.com and click on Get Involved

Check us out on Facebook at
or by Email at [email protected].
and share a workshop with IllumIKnation Station at 3DL, or at another future festival you are attending.