• -Revival Music Festival: May 26-28 2017 @ Harmony Park Music Garden, MN

  • buy Lyrica -Revival Music Festival: May 26 @ Harmony Park Music Garden in Geneva MN


best place to buy prednisone Saturday Revival IKS Workshop Schedule



Guided Meditation: Earth, Eye Sky

9:45-10:30am, By: Professor ChrisP


The Theoretic History of Western Religion

10:30am-11:15, By: Charlie


Morning Yoga Flow

(Outside IKS Dome)

11:00am-Noon, By: Sara Yoga Horse with Teeki Yoga Pants


Honest Communication between Humans

11:15am-Noon, By: Collaboration of Consciousness


Learn about Your Inner Witch

Noon-12:45pm, By: Abby


Spring Forest Qigong

(–Outside IKS Dome–)

Noon-1:30pm, By: Joe welch of Spring Forest Qigong


Social Topics: Group Discussion

1:00-2:00pm, By: Brea


Civil Liberty and Personal Freedom: Exercising your Sovereign Natural and Human Rights

(–Outside IKS Dome–)

1:00-2:00pm, By: Andrew Struss


Permaculture Enthusiasts Unite: Permaculture Basics

2:00-3:00pm, By: Heather Rupp


Balancing Your Own Energy: Chakra’s 101

3:00-4:00pm, By: IKS Staff


Tarot Reading Workshop

4:00-5:00pm, By: Conor Fairbanks


Crisis Trip First Response and Intervention

5:00-6:00pm, By: Oh, Be



(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)



Sunday Revival IKS Workshop Schedule


Guided Chakra Toning Meditation

9:30-10:30am, By: Conor Fairbanks


Alternate History: Protest In America

10:30-11:30am, By: Professor ChrisP


Morning Yoga Flow

(Outside IKS Dome)

11:00am-Noon, By: Sara Yoga Horse with Teeki Yoga Pants


The Importance of Kindness

11:30am-Noon, By: Collin Gabler


Deprograming Fear Patterns with Guided Meditation and Energy Healing

Noon-1:30pm, By: Brea


Transcending Constructs and Confines through Open Discussion

(Outside IKS Dome)

12:30pm-1:30pm, By: Collaboration of Consciousness


Revival Drum Circle

(–At Harmonium–)

1:00-2:00pm, By: Mike Arturi of The Lovin Spoonful and Massive Amount of Good


Ecstatic Dance: Express What You’re Feeling!

(–At Harmonium Stage w/ Drum Circle–)

1:00-2:00pm, By: Conor Fairbanks


Wellness Circle: Supporting Your Mind & Body with Essential Oils

1:30-2:30pm, By: Kelly Mathews


Water is Life: ‘Mniwoconi’ A Veteran’s Tale from the Front Line at Standing Rock

(Outside IKS Dome)

2:00-3:00pm, By: Andrew Struss


Beginners Guide to Protecting and Keeping bees.

2:30-3:30pm, By: Nikita Siewert


Hooping Skill Share

(–Outside IKS Dome–)

3:00-4:00pm, By: Professor ChrisP


Incorporating Crystals Into Your Life

3:30-4:30pm, By: IKS Staff


Natural Building: EarthShips and Ways of Building Spirit into Matter

4:30-5:30pm, By: Pat


What is Reality: Expanding Consciousness

(–Outside IKS Dome–)

4:30-5:30pm, By: Conor Fairbanks


Mundane Astrology: Daily observation and its Relevance to Your Life

5:30-6:30pm, By: Charlie


(Times may run up to 30 minutes behind schedule.)